Disaster Response

SEI offers a wide array of services before and after natural and man-made disasters.

All SEI professionals are trained in the CalEMA Safety Assessment Program and meet the requirements forĀ Federal Resource Typing Standards for engineer emergency responders.

Disaster Preparedness

SEI performs onsite investigations of existing structural systems to predict structural performance during events, and recommends strengthening measures to improve performance.

Damage Assessment

SEI has developed rapid assessment procedures that enable us to quickly evaluate a structure’s performance after an event, and determine the viability of recovery.

Recovery and Reconstruction

SEI specializes in the recovery and reconstruction of damaged structures, with special attention given to the strengthening of structural systems to improve future survivability.

SEI has assisted in recovery from the following major disasters:

Hurricane Ivan, Pensacola Naval Yard

  • Hurricane Katrina, Coastal Mississippi.
  • Hurricane Ike, Galveston.
  • Haiti 2010 Earthquake.