In everything that man pushes by his vital instinct, builds & raises,…nothing is more beautiful or more precious than bridges…They belong to everybody and they are the same for everybody, always built in the right place in which the major part of human necessity crosses, more durable than all other constructions. 

Ivo Andrić, The Bridges (Short Story), 1963


SEI has extensive experience in bridge evaluation and rehabilitation.  Our tools include advanced structural analysis, nondestructive testing, and hands-on inspection.  We look at the particular vulnerabilities of each bridge in its own setting, giving credit to its intrinsic strengths.  We have consistently demonstrated the ability to improve safety, durability, and capacity, without compromising the bridge’s historic integrity.


Hays Street Bridge

Faust Street Bridge

Sugarloaf Bridge

West 6th Street Bridge at Shoal Creek

3rd Street Trestle

Red Hawk Road at Lone Man Creek

Mata de Plátano Bridge